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System Failure Is a Big Risk that Every Business Takes On

System Failure Is a Big Risk that Every Business Takes On

In today’s business, the more robust an IT network is the more risk there is of system failure. This comes down to what is known as Murphy’s Law, which states anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. That’s why when coming up with a defense strategy, you need to mix smart IT management decisions with overwhelming redundancy to have a chance. In this week’s blog, we will outline some of the most common reasons for system failure and why you need a data backup solution.

Reasons for System Failure

Before we start listing reasons that your information systems might see critical failure, we should state that by having a strategy to confront each of these possibilities, you are going a long way toward protecting your business against the costly downtime that these events can cause. Let’s start with outside threats first:

Malware Attack

Nowadays, the threat landscape is getting more and more concentrated with possible malware threats; some of which are really problematic. Malware can come in many different forms and can cause a vast array of different negative impacts to an organization. Some of the worst malware attacks are considered ransomware. This is not only a devastatingly thorough malware, but also an extortion plot aimed directly at your reliance on your IT. 

Ransomware can quickly encrypt and lock down entire computers or your whole network and presents the administrator with a choice: either pay the demanded ransom to get your data back or refuse and risk that information be deleted and/or shared. Most businesses hold a lot of sensitive information, whether it is business-related intellectual property or customer-related personal data, so they are frequent victims of these types of scams. A ransomware will take your whole system down and create a lot of confusion. Maintaining a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy with training, testing, and the deployment of various updated tools at its center is crucial to keep malware from being a problem for your business.

Ineffective Power Management

One frequent problem organizations face is weather; and, it can be a bigger problem for some organizations than others. You see, your technology needs power to run and if it isn’t sufficiently protected, a brownout or a surge can completely decimate your onsite IT. This can destroy critical components and cause data loss.

The best way to combat this is to use a device called an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This device is powered by batteries so when a power surge happens (typically when the power goes out), it doesn’t affect any of the internal components of your technology. It also has enough power to power down your technology, so that there aren’t any abrupt cuts of power that can render the power supply of your workstations and servers inoperable. 

Poor Policies and Training

In order to keep your business’ IT infrastructure secure, you need your staff to do a lot of the heavy lifting. You also need to put them in a position to succeed. The fact is that the majority of business-altering security problems come from end-user mistakes. It makes it extremely important that you have a workforce that is both cognizant that they will need to be aware of how attacks are levied and what to do to ensure they don’t become organizational problems. 

This can be greatly mitigated by having a comprehensive security training regime in place. You will want to train your people on the best practices of creating passwords, how multi-factor authentication works and why it is important, what variables to look for in their messages to be able to spot phishing attacks and other scams, and why complying with cybersecurity efforts can work to make it much easier for IT administrators to control the security of the information systems they manage. 

Why Data Backup is So Important

These three variables are essential to keeping threat actors at bay, but they are only part of the overall puzzle. One of the most important parts of a data security strategy is to have a comprehensive backup and recovery plan. Not only do you need to have a data backup that is updated regularly (and incrementally if possible), you also need it to thoroughly meet the wide variety of data restoration needs.

Consider for a minute the number of reasons a system can fail or data can be lost. There are quite literally dozens of different reasons why you would need to restore your data. You need a data redundancy plan that addresses the immediate needs of data restoration, longer term outages that could put your organization into flux, as well as the unlikely scenario that your hardware is compromised and destroyed and you need data redundancy that is able to restore from offsite. 

At Virtual Business Solutions, we offer our Backup and Disaster Recovery service that not only provides you with an incremental backup platform inside your business, it also uploads that data to the cloud to ensure that if something happens to your hardware that you still have access to your business’ crucial data. The fact is that disaster is usually not a situation that happens over time. Problems arise quickly and you need to have solutions to any problem at hand just as fast. 

If you would like to learn more about how our technicians can help you build the technology you need to be successful, or how we have a contingency for all types of business technology problems, give us a call today at (504) 840-9800 ext. 105.

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