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Virtual Business Solutions has been serving the Metairie area since 1999, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

What Are Managed IT Services?

For any small to medium sized business owner, it can be incredibly difficult operating in a sustainable and efficient manner, while also trying to grow your business and survive the harsh world that exists out there for smaller businesses. Many small to medium sized businesses can struggle to maintain sufficient enough growth, or even get off the ground, and oftentimes, it’s due to a lack of resources, whether that’s money, equipment, software, or highly trained personnel. Another big area where many small to medium sized businesses often lack the resources or training to help support their growth is in their online presence and IT services. 


In the modern technological era, a reliable online presence is crucial to sustaining growth and keeping your business going. But even for the most savvy of small to medium sized businesses owners, maintaining all of the technical aspects of an online presence is quite difficult. And things can get even worse if a technical issue arises with your website or online presence that requires a trained and experienced IT manager. That’s where Managed IT services from a trusted IT provider like Virtual Business Solutions comes in. We have been serving the Metairie area with reliable IT services and cloud-computing solutions for over two decades, and our Managed IT services can help you take care of your online presence with ease and professional efficiency. But you might be asking yourself, “What even are managed IT services?”. Keep reading this blog to find out, or contact Virtual Business Solutions today to get started with our Managed IT services that could optimize your businesses online operation.

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What Are Managed IT Services?

We have all seen movies and TV shows depicting “the IT guy”, and oftentimes they are just brought in to fix a problem. But in reality, and especially the modern technological era we live in, trained IT technicians play a vital role in the effective functioning of just about every computer system that we rely on. Every major company you can think of has an entire IT department that is dedicated to optimizing and maintaining the websites, servers, and online presence of the company, so that you and other consumers can successfully rely on their services and business every time.


But for a small to medium sized business, it’s not very financially prudent to have an entire salaried IT department, yet the need for comprehensive IT solutions and maintenance remains. That’s where Managed IT services come in. Managed IT services involve outsourcing the IT responsibilities of business websites and online presence to a team of trusted and experienced IT experts like the ones we have at Virtual Business Solutions. With a flat-rate service plan, you can have a team of trusted IT specialists dedicated to managing the technical aspects of your website, your technological presence, as well as providing a solution for any technological issues you may encounter.


Managed IT services are a great option for small to medium-sized businesses. At Virtual Business Solutions, the flat rate we offer is affordable for the budget of any small to medium-sized business, and gives you great value on critical technological fixes and online troubleshooting for your business, no matter how complex the problem is. Not only does this allow your smaller workforce to focus on the more pressing and important things about your business operation, but your business will benefit greatly from the minimal technical support downtime and the reliableness of your online and technological systems.


The use of an affordable and reliable Managed IT solution becomes especially valuable when catastrophic technology failures arise that can damage your business operations and bottom line. Whether it's your network going down or valuable data missing from an index, certain technology issues can completely sideline your entire workforce, which can sometimes do irreversible damage to your bottom line and business’s survival. But when you have a trusted team providing you the Managed IT services your small to medium-sized business needs, you won’t have to worry about those issues being so catastrophic. Our team can get you back on track with minimal downtime and a massive increase in operational efficiency.


Virtual Business Solutions offers a variety of Managed IT services that are utilized to keep your business’s technological infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently, as well as optimizing all of the different access points your website and online financials rely on. These services include:

  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Comprehensive IT Support
  • Vendor Management
  • Security Solutions
  • Help Desk with Experienced Technicians

With a reliable team of experienced and dedicated IT technicians combined with these types of solutions at your fingertips, your business should never have to worry about IT troubleshooting slowing you down ever again. The consulting and troubleshooting services we can provide to your business operation will give you the confidence, the technical reliability and the online security that will give your small to medium sized business the leg up it needs.

Managed IT Services in Metairie - Virtual Business Solutions

In a modern small business era that relies so heavily on functioning technology and a consistent online presence, proper IT services and solutions are a must, and a vital boost to your business operations. Get the Managed IT services your small business needs to stay ahead of the competition, and on top of your business operations. Contact Virtual Business Solutions today to see how our Managed IT services can revolutionize your business’s technological savvy and reliability.

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Cloud Computing Services

For any small to medium sized business owner, a large portion of managing and operating your business is juggling resources, expenses, and how that all plays into the bigger picture. Resources include everything you could ever need to operate and maintain your business, from hardworking employees, to effective and durable equipment, to the money that your business generates, as it almost certainly is going directly back into the improvement and operation of your business. 

One resource that isn't thought of very often but it is equally important is online computing and data storage resources. From managing a large network of interconnected and remote computer systems, to storing all of your company data in a nice and orderly fashion,  the capacity you have to manage your computer resources is another important factor in your business is ability to operate. The resources your business has access to is a massively determining factor in its size, its reach, and oftentimes, its success. The biggest and most successful companies out there have an incredible amount of resources, both in terms of personnel, money, high-end equipment, and computing power and data storage. For small to medium-sized businesses, it can be hard to even compare your resources and success to larger and more successful businesses.  

But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your business resource capacity and capabilities, especially when it comes to online data storage and computing power.  That's why companies like Virtual Business Solutions exist. We understand how important online data storage and computing power is to any business, especially a small to medium-sized business, which is why we make it our goal to provide as many IT and cloud computing services to our customers as possible, giving them the leg up they need to keep their business going. Our cloud computing service is just one of many services we offer, but a crucial one that can support your business where it needs it most. Keep reading to learn why your business needs cloud computing services, and how Virtual Business Solution can help. 

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Cloud Computing Services 1

Take Advantage of The World Wide Web

When the internet was first created in the late 1990s, no one really could have predicted how massive and reaching it would be for the entire world. No one could have predicted how incredibly integral it has become to every step of Our Lives. But now that it exists with the importance it does, it's crucial that small to medium-sized businesses take advantage of the interconnectedness and power of the World Wide Web. Cloud computing services offer a variety of software, data storage, and computing power that can all be done over the internet, or “the cloud”, which is a modern way of describing the vast computing resources and storage space that the internet can offer to anyone. For any small to medium business, you are doing yourself a disservice by not utilizing this incredibly innate power of the internet to optimize your business operation. 


You may have seen this acronym before, but you might not be sure what it means. SaaS  stands for “software-as-a-service”, which essentially entails any sort of operating software that can be used online in exchange for some sort of subscription or licensing fee. These types of softwares utilize the computing power of the internet to handle the resource capacity needed to  effectively operate the software. That means for a small-medium sized business, instead of trying to upgrade your equipment and it’s computing power (which can be expensive and not always effective), you get to take advantage of the computing power of the “cloud”, giving you access to very powerful software that can improve and optimize your business operations, without requiring a massive drain on your resources or time. This is just one example of the power of cloud computing services for your business. 

Reduced Costs

For any small to medium-sized business, utilizing the storage and operating capacity of the cloud or the internet is much more cost-effective than doing anything localized. Maintaining any sort of data center or expensive online system from a localized position requires a lot of resources (time, money, and highly trained employees). And as we mentioned earlier, effective business operation is all about resource management. So for any business operator looking to get the same level of data storage and interconnectedness without paying an arm and a leg for it, cloud computing services are the only way to get that level of reliability at a price that fits your budget. Especially when you work with Virtual Business Solutions, as we offer a variety of cloud computing packages that will cater to your specific needs and your budget. 

More Flexibility

Just like the explosion of the internet in the late 1990s defined how businesses grew and adapted in that time, the quarantines due to the coronavirus might have done the same thing in 2020. For the businesses that survived this period, many of them had to employ social distancing precautions,  and oftentimes, these precautions led to a majority of their workforce, remote working or working from home. Any small to medium-sized business is looking to stay ahead of the game, and currently, the game revolves around being able to offer your employees total flexibility, including where they work from.  Cloud computing services offer the flexibility and access that you need to offer these types of benefits to your employees. By utilizing the cloud for a variety of your online business computations, your employees can take advantage of this interconnectedness too, working from wherever they want, and being happier and more effective employees for you in the long run.


Cloud computing also offers improved security standards for your businesses information, data, and proprietary knowledge. You may think of “hackers” or other online criminals who might try to break into your “cloud”, but in reality it would be much easier to break into the physical location of your business, and steal your information that way. Cloud computing services like the ones we offer at Virtual Business Solutions are oftentimes providing state-of-the-art cybersecurity, giving you the confidence you need to rely on cloud computing services for your business. These systems also provide full control over your data and information, allowing you to remove or relocate sensitive information, either taking it out of the cloud completely, or putting it in even a more secure location within the cloud.  Either way, you can rest assured that your data will be safe, giving you the freedom to help your business improve and grow, all with the computing and storage support of the cloud. 

Cloud Computing Services in Metairie - Virtual Business Solutions

As you can see, cloud computing services offer a level of power and resources that can be incredibly beneficial to small to medium sized businesses. The computing power and storage capacity of the cloud can give your business the breathing room it needs to not only survive in this difficult economy, but even thrive, on an online platform that caters to your customers and employees. That's what we strive to do at Virtual Business Solutions; offer our clients high quality online solutions that support their business and help them maintain their infrastructure.  Contact us today and see how our cloud computing services can help your business in Metairie.

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What is IT Consulting, and How Can It Help My Business?

Modern day computers and online technology have completely revolutionized the way we do just about everything. They change the way we eat, from how we get food on our plates, to what we do while we are eating. They change the way we think, from forcibly keeping our attention at every moment to giving us the freedom to look up just about anything. And they change the way that we work, whether it’s the ability to work remotely from home on online systems, or even just how companies and businesses collaborate to serve their clients. While the effects of modern computers and online networks have affected everything, they have especially affected the way that businesses operate, as well as the way employees can contribute to their company. 

From remote working to cloud data servers, this technological evolution of computers and online systems has led to incredibly complex but highly effective online systems and structures that work in tandem to do everything for your company, from organizing to communicating to analyzing and more. But with so many moving parts contained within an already complex system that is all working under the incomprehensibly massive umbrella of the internet, it can be pretty hard to understand these intertwined online systems. And for a business owner that relies on the efficacy and efficiency of these online systems to not only thrive, but even survive. Additionally, understanding and managing these online networks and servers can be very frustrating, not to mention that the time spent figuring them out can be detrimental to your overall business operation.

That's where a company like Virtual Business Solutions comes in. Any business operator is juggling a wide variety of things on their plate, and oftentimes, these cloud-based data centers or network servers require a lot of knowledge and experience in order to troubleshoot and optimize them effectively. Instead of wasting valuable time trying to figure out these complexities, Virtual Business Solutions offers you an affordable way to have these systems managed, protected, and optimized in order to help your business grow. Whether it's IT consulting, security concerns, or larger-scale data integration, our team at Virtual Business Solutions can help, as we have been to folks in the Metairie area for more than two decades. Keep reading to learn more about IT consulting and how IT consulting from Virtual Business Solutions can help your Metairie business.

What is IT Consulting? - IT Consulting in Metairie 

Ultimately, the modern day company relies so heavily on it’s online communication, storage, and work platform systems, that any issue or inefficiency within that system will lead to an issue or inefficiency within the business operation as well.  And even for the savviest of business owners and most dedicated of employees, finding issues and fixing them within your online communication, storage, or work platform systems is not very easy at all, especially without proper knowledge and experience. There are hundreds of settings hidden behind a wide variety of menus, as well as different ways to approach certain technological issues, and sometimes even coding experience or other technical skills are required to find the solution or optimize the system. All in all, the average business owner or business employee will not be able to simply troubleshoot these issues, or optimize these systems, and any missed opportunity for efficiency can really hurt a small to medium-sized business.


An IT consultant like the ones we offer at Virtual Business Solutions does have that knowledge and experience. With a trusted IT consultant there for your business, you don't have to worry about online or networking issues limiting the potential and functioning capacity of your company. An IT consultant essentially provides a road map for you as a business owner, giving you awareness about how your setup of online networks function, as well as what you need to know to optimize them to get the most efficiency out of these networks and online systems, both for your employees, and your clients. Not only do we adapt our roadmap and our solutions to your company's specific system and needs, but we work to provide a solid technological infrastructure and infrastructure that can help you build your company for the future. 

IT Consultants in Metairie with Virtual Business Solutions

An IT consultant isn't just your “tech person”; with the right it consultant from the right company like Virtual Business Solutions, you can revolutionize the way your business utilizes its online system, and wholeheartedly improve the services you provide to your clients, as well as the systems your employees work within. And when you work with a “swiss-army knife” company like Virtual Business Solutions, you can get a wide variety of other technological and online infrastructure services that will optimize just about every technological piece of your company's puzzle. 


From IT security system setup to cloud data optimization and integration, Virtual Business Solutions has the selection of technological services that can take your business to the next level. IT consultation is just one of the many services we offer. Although it is a very popular service because it provides such a grounding direction and support system for any business trying to find their feet in the online world. And the best part is that our IT consultants will work with you to determine the best approach for your business’ online strategy and how our services can optimize or restructure your online system or network to achieve those strategized goals.

IT Consulting for Metairie Businesses - Virtual Business Solutions

Any business owner is looking to not only help their company survive, but cultivate it and help it thrive as well. And for any business owner in this modern technological era, online efficiency and presence is crucial to achieving functional business growth. So don't wait until you're out of date; get the professional IT and online network consultation services you need to improve your business operations. Contact the IT experts at Virtua Business Solutions today, and see how we can support your business in Metairie.

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